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Can The Guilt!

Can The Guilt!



You’ve finally healed from PPD. What next? As a vocal survivor of postpartum depression, I get this question all the time. Well, first of all, remember you only have to be yourself. Many women who are suffering with or have recovered from PPD bear an enormous burden of guilt and shame.  

There’s no place for guilt. Guilt is just anger directed at ourselves. In order to forge ahead with our recovery, whether personally, emotionally, or spiritually we need to let go of our self-directed anger.

There are many helpful books on postpartum depression that discuss the symptoms and signs of the disease, what to do, and who to talk to. There are memoirs written by PPD survivors, Brooke Shields’ “Down Came The Rain,” Marie Osmond’s “Behind The Smile,” and, of course, my book, “A Daughter’s Touch.” These books have helped many women know they’re not alone and understand that PPD is a real and debilitating illness. However, few books deal with the aftermath, what to do when you’ve finally conquered PPD.

That void has led me to write this book. It’s been 11 years since my recovery from postpartum depression, and, in that time, I’ve learned a few things about moving forward...  


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