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I Could Never Run For President

I Could Never Run For President


Many people say they could never run for president or public office because they have too many skeletons in their closets. Well, I have a STORAGE UNIT filled with skeletons and carcasses! Not that it actually matters much in this day and age, with all the corrupt and shady political figures filling our Senate, House of Representatives, and the almighty Oral, sorry President Clinton, Oval Office.

This book is filled with clamorous calamities and outrageous events that are embedded in my heart forever. I'm sure that at the time I was mortified, embarrassed and horrified. But I wouldn't trade any of these episodes from my upbringing—and adulthood—for all the money in the world. These family experiences, stories and mishaps shaped who I am and always make me smile. These memories, warm feelings and laughter hold my family together with happiness.

            Each chapter is based on an actual incident and will make you break out into a fit of laughter and ask, "Did that really happen?" YES, THEY DID! 


I'm Sylvia Lasalandra and I endorse these stories!
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