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Mommy, Were You Happy the Day I Was Born

Mommy, Were You Happy the Day I Was Born


Mommy, were you happy the day I was born? goes straight to the question recovered mothers of postpartum depression-PPD often fear. Have I somehow irreparably damaged my child because I could not be fully emotionally present at birth?

"There are no words that can ever describe how happy Mommy was the day you were born. I want you to always know that I loved you from the very second you entered this world." 

A touching, heartfelt and, frequently humorous response to the question that most children ask at some point in their young lives: "Mommy, were you happy the day I was born?"

Sylvia's young daughter Melina is eager to find out the answer, and her mom's response is even more emotionally charged because she suffered from postpartum depression during Melina's early years.


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