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Choose to WRITE not SHOOT .50 Caliber Bullet Pens (R)

Bali Red Crushed Coral .50 Caliber Bullet

Bali Red Crushed Coral .50 Caliber Bullet


What is mightier than the sword & a gun? The pen! This pen is made in the USA from a genuine .50 caliber BMG (Browning Machine Gun) fired bullet. Each pen is powder coated for a lasting finish. Don't worry, these rounds have already been fired and have no explosive-ability left in them...only the words you choose to write! Each one of these pens are precision cut and the top of the bullet casing is filled with genuine crushed vibrant Bali Red coral. and then sealed. What's super about this pen is that it's refillable and uses a standard Parker style refill. Each Pen measures 6 inches long, has a twist mechanism and is made one at a time and no two are the same.*Each Pen comes with its own drawstring pouch and in a gift box.

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