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George Washington Wine Goblet

George Washington Wine Goblet

George Washington "Horse-Chestnut Tree" & "White Mulberry Tree" 15oz. hand blown wine goblet.

Horse-Chestnut Tree: Washington planted these trees to represent each of the thirteen colonies on Fauquier Street in downtown Fredericksburg Virginia to provide shade for his mother, Mary, and sister, Betty, as they walked to and from each other's homes a short distance away. In 2004, this national treasure finally succumbed to old age and had to be removed.

White Mulberry Tree:  Washington states in his diary that he planted five of the Mulberries in Serpentine Walk around the Bowling Green on the 28th of February 1785. The tree stands today at Mount Vernon, Historical Woods Of America Inc. was fortunate to reclaim a very limited amount from a large branch that came off in a windstorm.

This goblet contains a piece of each wood in the stem along with Swarovski crystals and tiny colored glass beads. Truly one of a kind!

**COA & Documentation comes with this goblet**

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