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Thomas Edison "Riedel" Martini Glass #1

Thomas Edison "Riedel" Martini Glass #1

The wood used in, the stem of this "Riedel" Crystal Martini glass is reclaimed Maple wood from the Thomas Edison factory located at; 613 East Beacon Avenue in New London, WI.

In 1917, Thomas Alva Edison purchased the Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Company to produce cabinets for his 1877 invention; The Phonograph. The factory was changed to Edison Wood Products.

This Crystal Martini Glass contains pieces of wood in the stem along with Swarovski crystals and tiny colored glass beads and mini light bulbs. The larger light bulb inside stem contains glow in the dark white baked clay beads & pieces of wood also.... To add a little light when you're drinking in the dark! enlightened Truly one of a kind! * COA & Documentation Included *  * COA & Documentation Included *   

 * Comes with COA & Documentation *




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